All-Star Record Boards

An Athletic Record Board for Every Sport

We offer a variety of quick-change athletic record boards for a variety of sports including swimming, wrestling, track, and much more. We offer a wide selection of colors, styles, and sizes of standard record boards. Every All-Star Record Board is custom made to fit your particular specifications.

The layouts shown below for standard record boards use 3" high quick change letters which we have found to be the best size to use in pool or gym areas. For areas that the record board is to be viewed close up, or there is a space issue, both the lettering and the record board can be smaller using our 1-1/2" or 2" high quick change letters.

Not only do we offer record board products for schools and sports complexes, we also produce record boards for organizations such as YMCAs and financial institutions. In addition to record board products, we also offer other products including sports dry erase boards, portable scoreboards, and water polo exclusion boards. Contact our team for additional information about the products we offer or to get a FREE record board quote!

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Layouts for Standard Athletic Record Boards