All-Star Record Boards

Oversized Record Boards for Sports

Duke Oversized Swimming Record BoardsAll-Star Record Boards offers oversized record boards for a variety of sports including swimming, track and field, wrestling, and more. This style of record board is great for large gymnasiums or sporting complexes where the letters and numbers are hard to read from a distance or if you have a large number of records to display. We have a wide selection of colors, styles, and sizes to choose from.

Some of the sizes of oversized record boards offered:

  • 22' x 16'
  • 19' x 16'
  • 2 BDS at 17' x 16'
  • 22' x 8'

These are not the only sizes we can do. All of our record board products can be customized to fit your organization's particular needs. Contact All Star Record Boards for additional information about oversized record boards.

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